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How to Fill Out the Application ?

Neatness is important. Before filling out the original application, answer the questions on a separate sheet of paper. You risk delay or even denial of admission if you send an incomplete application. University admissions committees will not review your application without recommendations and transcripts which must be officially authorized in  English. If possible, make a copy of the completed application for your records.


Personal Data

  • Address -- Make clear to the university your most reliable address. Permanent address is your home address, where your parents live. Mailing address is your current address, for example if you are living away from home in a dormitory. You should write the address that you want the university to use for all correspondence. If your mailing and permanent addresses are the same, write the word "same". You should not translate names of streets,  rather translate the Bengali names into English letters.

  • Telephone Number -- international code for Bangladesh is 880. Your number is 02-(Dhaka city code)-number.

  • Social Security Number -- If you have never lived in the US, you can leave this blank; you do not have a social security number. The university will assign you an identification number.

Visa Types

In almost all cases, foreign students studying in the United States are issued visa type F-1 (F-2 for spouses). Visa type J-1 may be issued if you are receiving support from the US government, your home government, or private foundations. You may prefer one type of visa over another, but the university will make the final decision.

Test Scores

Universities often ask you to write the results of TOEFL, SAT, GRE, etc. tests on the application. This does NOT substitute for official scores sent by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) from Princeton. If you have not taken the tests or do not know your scores, simply put the date on which you took or plan to take the examinations. You can still mail your application to the university even if you haven't yet taken the exams. (And ETS can send your official scores to the university even if you have not yet sent in your application. They will create a file for you and hold the scores.)

Educational Background

Translate directly from Bengali to English items about your educational background and degrees.  In general, Bangladeshi degrees should be translated as "SSC", "HSC", and "Bachelor of Sciences".

GPA means "Grade Point Average". The US uses a 4-point system. You should NOT try to calculate your average based on the American system. To calculate your grade average, you sum the marks received, and then divide that sum by the total number of courses. For example, a person with the courses and marks in the table below would write:

Course Marks

Since class rank does not exist in Bangladesh schools, leave this section blank.

When answering how many years of English language study you have had, only count formal training in an educational institution. If you have informal training at home or with a personal teacher, write that separately.

When describing your knowledge of English and other foreign languages, evaluate your ability HONESTLY -- don't be afraid to speak highly of yourself but don't overestimate your ability either. Rate yourself in the areas of reading, speaking, and writing. The words most used to describe language ability are "excellent", "good", "fair", and "poor". Include knowledge of any other foreign languages and Bengali. Your first language should be described as "native".

Academic Honors

Some examples are: Scholarships you may have received for good results, recommendation to participate in Student Scientific Society,  and any published work. If you have many publications, include them on a separate sheet.

Extra-Curricular and Community Activities

Students should be sure to indicate all extra-curricular activities such as participation in special clubs, athletics, theater, musical activities, writing, etc. This is especially important for undergraduates. Colleges and universities are interested in "well-rounded" undergraduate students who have other interests besides academic pursuits. If you received awards or prizes for participating, note them.

Often high school and college students in the US are involved in unpaid, volunteer work. They may spend a few hours a week assisting with patients in a hospital or serving food to homeless people in a soup kitchen, for example. Even if you have not been part of an official program, write anything that can be considered service to the community.


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